Orlando Homes and Investments. can arrange your personal visit. Once you have reviewed the properties that fit your needs you will want to physically inspect them. We can help you with your travel arrangements, just simply complete the registration form and we will contact you.

Upon arrival in Florida we will meet you at your Orlando hotel or airport. After you rest and relax we will take you to the properties you selected and show you the surrounding area. There is no pressure to buy at any time. We recommend that you allow 3 to 4 days for your inspection trip. Orlando Homes and Investments and its representatives can provide you with the following services during your visit:

  • Schedule private and personal inspection tours of the properties you selected.
  • Introduce you to attorneys and accountants if needed. ( to help with legal matters)
  • Help you set up bank accounts.
  • Arrange mortgage financing for your home or condominium.
  • Help you customize your home through options selections and color selections.
  • Provide you with property management and rental agreements.

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